Big Big Trawling

by suckafish

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released November 11, 2010



all rights reserved


suckafish New Zealand

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Track Name: Generation Binge
id like to take this chance
to warn you in advance
about our mediocre show
were probly not the best band you've seen
hopefully not the worst
regular normal guys were not trying to disguise
we probably will not blow your mind
but we still hope that you have
as much fun as we do tonight

we are not here for you
we do what we wanna do
so if your gonna drink to you spew
then this ones for you
we are the bindging generation
alcohol and drugs and play-station
for everything thats good in moderation
is better in excess

no songs about romance we were second hand pants we like to drink till we spew
this ones for all you maggots who understand our point of view
were not here just to entertain
you were here to get benter
to the guys at the back who are sober fuck you
Track Name: Breakfast Champagne
the day is through you have a drink then 2
it turns into 345678910
you gonna get drunk again oh no
you turn the music on and the blood in your veins begins to flow

hear the music start to play
bouncing of the walls will all get drunk today
it feels right but you know its wrong
a shot of taqulla a bottle of whisky another beer bong

i knew exactly what they said
but i aint living here for them
im living out my life this way
all i know i could be dead in a day
you feel sorry me don't you even worry
ill play that music every day
fuck it all man i live my own way

hear the music start to
play bouncing of the walls will all get drunk today
it feels right but you know its wrong
a shot of tequila a bottle of whisky a breakfast champagne

cos these are the days
were you cant live in regret
how the fuck are they breading
why don't they just stop reading
what all those others have to say
maybe one day they'll change
but until that day comes
ill keep on drinking this rum
fuck it all man i live my own way
Track Name: Bently The Tree
he's older than me he's stronger than me he lives on a lean he's bentley
he's better than the rest dosen't try to be the best defeats all the leanest he's bentley

save your self from being chopped down to the ground
keep growing that weight till you get old and you fall down
your taking a turn for the worst but we all know that you are arbouratious

bentley you arebour best tree

he's smarter than most doesn't wanna be a post he'd rather be banana he's bentley
petter pan fan club doesn't wanna grow up so he grows sideways he's bentley

taking a turn for a taking a turn for a taking a turn for the worst
Track Name: A Day Of Grace
it was the year 2020 were the battle of right took the crown
legions fought with there hearts and there souls to burn the white house to the ground
as we marched our swords and guns and spares
we held our torches in the air
fighting for and what was really ours
but since we had no use for gold
our currency had been over thrown
our debt was giving them complete control

it wasn't till a wise old man
who came in form a foreign land
taught his fellow man to watch their backs
armies flocked to free the slaves
to help create a better way
with no more made up terrorists attacks

we march to take our freedom back
and break off their control
to rewrite all the lies and laws
that rule this fucked up world

i turned around and saw his face
the creature of my disgrace
he stabbed my fellow man right in the back
so i grabbed my trusty 303
shot that fucker in the knee
dragged him to the stockade were we laughed

timmy tool stood on a stool
and jacked off on his head
sweaty betty made spaghetti
and shoved up his arse
crazy carl he sung a song
it made him eat his hands
lucky ducky he went clucky
he ran off and made a mess
Track Name: If Your Emo And You Know It
if your emo and you know it slit your wrist
if your not quite sure you better listen to this
if you dye your hair pink and you musics real stink you were your sisters jeans and your mothers maybalene
if your emo and you know it have a cry
if you wish that your step father would just die
if your musics real lame and you all dress the fucking same
then this song is directed directly at you

if your happy and you know it clap you
hands if your emo then you will not understand
if your emo and you know it and you really wanna show it
if your emo and you know fuck off
Track Name: Jhonny And The Jesus Haters
you know the jesus haters wee the roughest bunch just a bunch of sissy punks until johnny showed up they found him in the gutter throwing up and bottles to
they said hay man what's your name
he said my names johnny and i hate you
soon johnny was the top dog and if any one did disagree
they all new that if they did there head would find his knee
they were maggots mongrels and scum bags call them what you will
there still gonna rob you for your beers your bourbons and your pills

oi oi hey ho lets go
doing what he wants and he does it cos he sez so
oi oi hey ho lets go
saying what he wants and he ses it coz he sez so
oi oi hey ho lets go
going straight to hell he aint got no regrets no
oi oi hey ho lets go

god was not the only one that the haters did hate
they hate you they hate me there screaming fuck society
hate everything and every one and all that they can see
sometimes they hate them selves when there on p

johnny thought that he was the toughest cat in town never thought that he'd end up the one going down
he bought a knife to a gun fight in the wrong side of town
123 shots rung out and johnny hit the ground
2 seconds left to live I'm ending this final score
you may have one this fucking battle
I'm ending this fucking war
Track Name: Remember Sylvester

Live dangerously we forget how short life can be
Struggling to breath he falls we drop to our knees
We remanis the laughter the good times we've shared
We will all miss our good friend whos know dissapared

So sing it sing it up to our brother whos past on his life
Live it live it up follow your dreams live alive

Stand up be strong through us he will always live on
Will carry on remember his life in this song
Don’t just stand and watch in our journey we must get involved
Itll never be the same with out him but we cant all just stand here in the cold

So sing it sing it up to our brother whos past on his life
Live it live it up follow your dreams live alive

We will fight
for our brother whos lost his life to his familly in pain and strife
We will stand
remember all the good things hes done and all the times we were having fun
hold don’t brake
be strong and think and don’t hold back
get up and walk and don’t be slack
will unite
live our lives the best we can follow our drems live alive to our brother whos past on his life
Track Name: Army Of Anarchy
training our air were distracted by blood
treated like shit and were living like mud
your dreaming of people that will never be
talking of places that will never see
I'm holding on to all these wrist draining feelings
stuck on the floor by these fast falling ceilings
thinking if things that i shouldn't be the obvious awnsers invisible to me

cant take your shit no more don't need you help no more
sick of it all not gonna be like yo
cant take you shit no more sick of it all
i wont take your shit no more

were gonna knock you out
were gonna scream and shout
were gonna make you see
army of anarchy

drowning in blood while I'm gasping for air
teaching these robots emotionless steers
do these kids have a choice of who they wanna be
or are they just part of the governmental family
crowds on there knees while there counties are dying
presidents are laughing young mothers are crying
can't make a difference isn't that what we say
who will stand and fight as we wait for a better day

show me your alibi your not a king you fucker
the country want you to die guilty of so many lives i live on the other side of the world and still i hate you the country hates you the whole world hates you
the last i heard he fucked your mum i fucked your mum
Track Name: Short Song
everybody loves a short song
way better than a long one
no time to get board
cos its only got four chords
except for this one
and then there's that one
and that makes six
Track Name: Brewrey Dog
a semi quiet night
empty bottle to my right
made my way to my bed
dreams of head in my head
soon as i lay my head down
started dreaming of double brown
porn mixed with alcohol brewery
and im playing the leading role

fucking in a brewery like a dog
i was drinking a beer she was sucking my knob fucking in a brewery like a dog
till i woke in a haze to my fucking alarm clock

that beer was fucking awesome
soon it became a foursome
me my chick and two beers
or maybe it was three beers
an alcoprono dream
I'm not really obscene
i just like beer and sex
why stop one for the next
Track Name: Alcoholisim
im not a drunk im very mature
you think im to drunk then your not
drunk enough to be my friend
brews will keep drinking till the end
i can't remember all those shots
i cant remember fighting cops
my mind is blank from yesterday
my beverage running through my veins

your not to drunk drink
im not to drunk drink

drink your cup feed your gut
give me more sober you'll never see me
drink your cup feed your gut
give me more im on the pavement sleeping

you can not sing this if your to hammered to speak please help me sing this cos i i don't know how to sing

why don't you get me a get me another beer
Track Name: Your Own Way
Take one step back and see how you want it to be
Do you wana be told how to live or be free
Its up to you how to live fucks what they say
Live your life day by day
Live your life your own way
Track Name: Square Box
Square box

hes running for a finish line
that’s always gona be so far from here tomorrow
this crazy kid these crazy eyes
hes always gona be another rat from the barrel
hes stuck in a rut machine gun with empty shells
he knows that hes fucked and theres only one way out

such evil kindness makes him dwell
hes fueled a fire to stand up and knock them out
he knows now what hes up against
they never thought that he could brake the walls of hell
but he knows that hes fucked and theres only one way out
as the explosions erupts he leaves them to save them selves

hes dead to those who leave him in the flame
a path for him that only leads to pain
theres one thing that he wants while hes alive
to be a king a king in his own eyes
Track Name: Here We Go

Who strives through pleasure goes through pain
So take a step back and revise
Our broken arrow burn in flame
We get up and shoot for the skys
Go out and take what we crave
We bury the doubt in our mind
Change our focus and ideals
It gives us a reason to fight

Now weve been led but never known
The voice that appeared to be right
The truth is clear now here we go
Its not simply just black and white
I guese that in time we have found
Theres more to it than us and you
It took a while but now where sure
Will carry on here as we go,
As we go, as we go

All of the shit that blew up in our face
This time weve learnt we wont make the same mistake
With stronger minds and wiser games will play
Theres really nothing like living for today